From Storm to Thunder: Unfinished Showdown between Iraq and US

Spot Survey


Edited by Faleh A. Jabbar, Ahmad Shikara, Keiko Sakai
March 1997 **

Preface / Keiko Sakai

Chapter I

The State, Society, Clan, Party and Army in Iraq: A Totalitarian State in the Twilight of / Faleh Abdul Jabbar

Section One: The Totalitarian State
Section Two: The Kinship System
Section Three: Formidable State versus Weak Civil Society
Section Four: Khaldounian versus Durkheimian Solidarities
Section Five: Crisis and Prospects
Chapter II

Iraqi Relations with its Neighboring Countries Including Arab Countries, Turkey, and Iran / Ahmad Shikara

Section One: Is Iraq a Regional Threat?
Section Two: Regional Powers Between Principles and Pragmatic Interests
Section Three: Conclusions
Chapter III

Oil for Food as a Political Tool for Iraq / Keiko Sakai

Section One: Background to Iraqi Acceptance of the Oil-for –Food Program
Section Two: Economic Effect of the Oil-for-Food Program on the Iraqi Economy
Section Three: How Iraq Manipulated the Oil- for-Food Program as a Political Tool: the Case of Russia, China, and France
Section Four: how Were the Results of the Oil-for Food Program and Other Economic Privileges Offered to Russia and China?
Section Five: Conclusion: US Policy for Iraq- Topple Saddam or Do Nothing?