Economic Outlook for East Asian Economies Over the Next Decade

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Edited by Mitsuru Toida
October 1997 **

Preface (76KB) / Mitsuru Toida

Chapter I
1. Tightening Relations between Japan and East Asia
2. Slowdown in the East Asian Economy in 1996 – Cyclical or Structural?
3. Long-Term Economic Forecasts for East Asia Using an Econometric Model
4. Structure of This Volume
Chapter II
1. Development Stages of East Asian Countries and Regions
2. East Asian Exports and Imports
Chapter III
Chapter IV
1. International Economic Environment
2. Impact of Reversion of Hong Kong and China After Deng Xiaoping
Chapter V

Economic Forecasts of NIEs (372KB) / Mitsuru Toida

Chapter VI

Economic Forecast of ASEAN4 (371KB) / Mitsuru Toida

Chapter VII

Economic Forecast of China (100KB) / Mitsuru Toida

Chapter VIII
1. Keypoints in Forecasts of Economic Growth Rate
2. Keypoints in Projections of Rate of Inflation
3. Expansion of Size of East Asian Economies
4. East Asia as Global Base of Supply
5. East Asia as Absorber of World Demand
6. Stage of Economic Development of East Asia
7. Economic Groups in East Asia by Sub-Group and Possibilities After 2005

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