Agriculture and Peasants in Rwanda: A Preliminary Report

Joint Research Program Series


by Shin'ichi Takeuchi , Jean Marara
Published in 2000
Chapter I
1. Topography and Climate
2. Population
3. Agricultural Sector in the Rwandan Macro-economy
4. Reconstruction Program
5. Agricultural Structure
Chapter II
1. Colonial Period
2. Social Transformation during the Late Colonial Period
3. Period of Kayibanda and Habyarimana
4. Policy after the Civil War
5. Land Reform and Villagization Policy
Chapter III
1. State of the Problem and Methodology
2. Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of the Results
Chapter Ⅳ
1. G1 family
2. G2 family
3. G3 family
4. G4 family
5. R1 family
6. R2 family
7. R3 family