Machinery Industry in Bangladesh

IDEAS Series


Zaid Bakht, Mohammad Yunus, and Md.Salimullah
March 2002
IDEAS Machinery Industry Study Report No. 4

Contents 1-3 (48KB)

Growth and Structural Change of Bangladesh Economy during 1990s
GDP and Population Growth
Structural Change
Industrial Growth
Machinery Production in Bangladesh
Diesel Engine and Pumps
Textile Machinery
Electrical Machinery
Machine Tools Production

Contents 4-5 (47KB)

Volume and Composition of Imported Capital Machinery
Sources of Import of Capital Machinery

Contents 6-9 (45KB)

Structure of Import of Capital Goods from Japan
The Sample Survey and the Universe of Knitwear Enterprises in Bangladesh
Growth of Knitwear Industries in Bangladesh
Size Distribution and the Incidence of Foreign Investment
Output Compositio
Structure of Capital
Financial capital
Physical Capital: Machinery
Management Structure
Structure of Employment and Wages
Concluding Remarks