A Survey of Wastewater Treatment Facility Installation in China : Opportunities for International Cooperation of Technology Transfer

IDEAS Series


Shuhua Gu, Xiliang Zhang, Bingxiang Ren, Baoling Guo
March 2002
IDEAS Machinery Industry Study Report No.2
Part 1
1. China’s Industry Wastewater Discharge and Control
2. Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipments in China
3. Forecasts on Future Market
Part 2
1. Geography, Economy and Society of Jiangsu Province
2. Industrial development in Jiangsu Province
3. Industrial Wastewater Discharge and Treatment in Jiangsu Province
4. Main Controlling policies, actions and the results
5. Installations and Usage of Wastewater Treatment Facilities in 100 Selected Enterprises
6. Analysis on the wastewater treatment facilities situation in the four industries
Part 3