Discussion Papers

No.912 Networked Governance and Awards for Local Government in Indonesia

by Masaaki Okamoto, Kazuhiro Kagoya

January 2024


This study aimed to assess the factors that determine the number of awards received by local governments in Indonesia. Since Indonesia was democratized, decentralization made significant progress, and local governments were required to initiate various reforms for efficiency and public service. Various public and private award schemes emerged to promote such initiatives. This study drew on the results of a 2011 survey of local elites of Java Island in Indonesia and conducted a regression analysis on the number of awards received by local governments. The results showed that, in a broad sense, the wide network of local government elites in the political, governmental, and business worlds is linked to the high number of awards received. The significant relationship between the elite network and the number of awards might not be a surprising fact, but this is the first study to prove this statistically.

Keywords: Government awards, Networks, Indonesia, Decentralization, New Public Management
JEL classification: D73, D85, H70

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