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No.789 Analysis on Farmer’s "Non-grain" planting choice: Based on a survey of major grain-producing areas

by Hui Zhang

May 2020


The "non-food" problem of planting structure caused by farmland circulation has raised concern about food security. Using the survey data of 805 households of various scales in six counties of Jiangsu and Henan provinces, this paper analyzes the impact of economic development level, human capital, social capital and resource endowment of farmers and land property rights on the decision-making of large-scale farmers, and pay more attention on whether the large-scale farmers have a non-food structure. Results show that large-scale farmers will be more inclined to grow food crops, and the planting structure will be more-grain instead of non-food.

Keywords: large-scale farmers, planting structure, non-food production, food security

JEL classification: Q12

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