Discussion Papers

No.788 Analysis of Scale Operation in Chinese Agricultural Process:Japan's Experience and Enlightenment

by Hui Zhang

May 2020


The paper analyzes the change of the quantity of farms, the quantity of farmers, farmland scale and agricultural policy in china. It shows that the quantity of farms and farmers have experienced a process from rapid decrease to slowly declining. One of the most important operation forms in agriculture is family farm and family farmer. The paper shows that due to the Chinese agricultural labor force aging and governmental positive policies of scale operation, the process of large-scale agriculture could be accelerated. Comparing costs and benefits of retails, large grain producers and agricultural cooperatives in planting grain, this paper find that moderate scale operation in agricultural have incomparable advantage than retails and it is good for making up for the lack of labor force and increase agricultural income. Finally, according to the experience from Japan, measures of cultivating new type of agricultural management main body and strengthening the construction of farmer cooperatives and industry associations should be taken to promote agricultural modernization, thus meet the needs of the development of agricultural scale operation.

Keywords: Moderate scale operations, Land transfer, Family farms, Japan's Experience

JEL classification: Q12

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