Discussion Papers

No.749 A Structural Analysis of the U.S. Financial Economy

by Masako Tsujimura and Kazusuke Tsujimura

March 2019


The Flow-of-Funds Accounts of the Unites States have been published on a quarterly basis since 1945 up to the present time. In this paper, we will construct 'sector x sector' Stone and Klein-formula asset-liability matrices fully exploiting the huge accumulation of data. It allows us to trace the changes in the roles of the institutional sectors over the years by application of useful input-output analytical tools, such as triangulation and dispersion indices. Although there is not too much change in the characteristics of non- financial sectors, the roles of financial institutions have been changing as the financial market develops and the deregulation advances.

Keywords: flow-of-funds accounts, asset-liability matrices, financial net worth, triangulation, dispersion indices

JEL classification: C67, E44, O11

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