Discussion Papers

No.709 Displacement in Bengal, Revisited

by Takashi Kurosaki, Abu Shonchoy, and Kenmei Tsubota

March 2018


Bengal was divided twice in the 20th century. At the first occasion, both sides were still within British India. Then, on the second occasion, Bengal split the two into different countries, India and Pakistan. We examine the displacements in Bengal after the partition in 1947 with the finest geographical level at thana. The results show that there were significantly negative impacts on population growth on the region which changed their side from East in 1905 to West in 1947. They also experienced an increase in the share of literate population, suggesting the impact of population exchange in different levels of literacy.

Keywords:  Displacement, Forced Migration, Partition of Bengal

JEL classification: F15, N95, R12, R23

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