Discussion Papers

No.705 "Under-Performing" or Resilient Filipino Boys in Education? Listening to Students'and Adults'Perspectives and Backgrounds:A Western Visayas Case

by Masayoshi Okabe

March 2018


This paper presents our research results based on field research in the province of Antique in Western Visayas, the Philippines. Through interviews with high school students who have had difficulties in pursing school education continuously, as well as the school principal and teachers, the major research concerns of this study include the gender patterns in schooling and education, and focus on several unique male students. In particular, this study tries to show resilience among previously out-of-school students who succeeded in returning to formal high school. In so doing, it identifies the obstacles that tend to keep Filipino boys out of school and, in contrast to their somewhat stereotyped images to date, aims to present an alternative image of "resilient" boys.

Keywords: High school; Boys' Under-performance; Poverty; Dropout; Resilience; Barkada

JEL classification: I21, I24, I31, J24

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