Discussion Papers

No.680 Teleworking as a mode of working for women in Sri Lanka: Concept, challenges and prospects

by Kumudinei Dissanayake

October 2017


Labor force participation of women in Sri Lanka has been continuously low despite their remarkable educational achievements when compared to men. Teleworking mode facilitates flexibility at work and work-family balance. However, developing countries encounter numerous challenges in making the teleworking mode a reality. This paper examines the possibilities of introducing teleworking mode for women in Sri Lanka. It understands that the government, technological institutions, work organizations, training institutions, outsourcing companies, career-counseling centers, teleworkers themselves and prospective teleworker associations have major roles to play in this endeavor.

Keywords: labor force participation, women, teleworking, challenges, prospects, Sri Lanka, a model
JEL classification: J24, M54, O15

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