Discussion Papers

No.629 Middle Eastern Contributions to International Relations Theory:Turkey as a Case Study

by IMAI Kohei

January 2017


This study aims to explore Middle Eastern contributions to a homegrown theory of international relations. The key issue in non-Western international relations theory (NWIRT) concerns “whose perspective.” Perspective from West or core states, non-West or periphery is only object of case studies in international relations. First, this paper defines what NWIRT is. Second, it outlines the relationship between international relations theory and the Middle East. The third part uses the case of Turkey to accept and develop Western international relations theory (WIRT) as an example of a second type of homegrown NWIRT. Finally, the concluding part examines the importance and limitations of NWIRT.

Keywords: non-Western international relations theory (NWIRT), Western international relations theory (WIRT), Middle East, Turkey

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