Discussion Papers

No.402 India’s Senior Citizens’ Policy and an Examination of the Life of Senior Citizens in North Delhi

by OTA Hitoshi

March 2013


The paper investigates the ageing situation in India and the development of the government initiatives for the welfare of senior citizens. It also presents the initial results of a survey that the author conducted in 2011 in North Delhi. The main features related to ageing in India are ‘feminisation’, ‘rurality’ and ‘poverty’. The survey in North Delhi reveals the differences between the male and the female senior citizens, and the vulnerability of the latter, in particular. The social security coverage such as pensions and health insurance was found quite limited among the respondents.

Keywords: India, Senior Citizens Policy, Social Security, New Pension Scheme (NPS), Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS)
JEL classification: I38, J14, R22

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