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No.218 Measurements to Assess Progress in Rights and Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities: Implications Drawn from the IDE-PIDS Socio-Economic Survey of PWDs

by MORI Soya and YAMAGATA Tatsufumi

December 2009


Finding measurements to collect in order to assess the rights and livelihood of persons with disabilities is an urgent challenge that needs be addressed to further “disability and development”. The Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) jointly conducted a field survey of persons with disabilities (PWDs) living in Metro Manila, Philippines, in 2008. Referring to lessons drawn from the survey, the authors discuss what data and indicators should be collected. Additional measurements are proposed, supplementing those in a seminal paper, Rapley [2007]. The main point of the proposal is to suggest some process-oriented measures reflecting the Biwako Millennium Framework in addition to the result-based measures in line with the Millennium Development Goals. Our suggestion is to add indices in the following five areas: 1) accessibility for PWDs, 2) disabled people’s organizations, 3) education, 4) employment, and 5) participation in decision-making.

Keywords: disability; measurements; rights; livelihood; Philippines
JEL classification: I12, I21, I31, I32

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