Discussion Papers

No.028 Estimation Technique of International Input-Output Model by Non-survey Method

by OKAMOTO Nobuhiro

May 2005


The Asian International Input-Output (IO) Table that is compiled by Institute of Developing Economies –JETRO (IDE), was constructed in Isard type form. Thus, it
required a lot of time to publish. In order to avoid this time-lag problem and establish a more simple compilation technique, this paper concentrates on verifying the possibility of using the Chenery-Moses type estimation technique. If possible, applying the Chenery-Moses instead of the Isard type would be effective for both impact and linkage analysis (except for some countries such as Malaysia and Singapore and some primary sectors). Using Chenery-Moses estimation method, production of the Asian International IO table can be reduced by two years. And more, this method might have the possibilities to be applied for updating exercise of Asian IO table.

Keywords: International Input-Output, non-survey, Chenery-Moses, compilation
JEL classification: C67, D57

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