Human Resource Development, Employment and Mobility of Healthcare Professionals in South East Asia:The Case of Nurses

BRC (Bangkok Research Center) Research Report


Edited by Yuko Tsujita

March 2018

Bangkok Research Center, IDE-JETRO, Bangkok, Thailand

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Chapter 1.

Human Resources Development and the Role of Thailand’s Nursing Education in Southeast Asia and South Asia: Findings from the Study of Foreign Nursing Students in Thailand / Yupin Aungsuroch and Naomi Hatsukano

Chapter 2.

Filipino Nurses' Employment Opportunities in the Non-Nursing Sector in Thailand / Patcharawalai Wongboonsin, Ma. Reinaruth D. Carlos and Naomi Hatsukano

Chapter 3.

Philippine-Educated Nurses in Southeast Asian Destinations: The Cases of Singapore and Thailand / Ma. Reinaruth D. Carlos

Chapter 4.

International Migration of Indian Nurses at the Place of Origin and the Destination / Hisaya Oda and Yuko Tsujita