Human Resource Development Toward a Knowledge-Based Economy: The Case of Thailand



Edited by Minoru Makishima and Somchai Suksiriserekul
Published in 2003

Preface(in Thai) / Minoru Makishima, Somchai Suksiriserekul

Chapter 1
1. Introduction
2. Structural Change in the Labour Market
3. Structural Change in Thailand's Industry
4. Industrial Policy with Regard to ICT
5. A Case Study of ICT-Related Firms
6. Concluding Remarks
Chapter 2
1. Framework of Education
2. Educational Administration and Management
3. Significant Progress in Education Reform
4. Learning Technologies in Thailand
5. Development of ICT for Education Policies and Master Plan
6. Assessment of the Thai Educational System: Its Strengths and Weaknesses
Chapter 3

Science and Technology Development Toward a Knowledge-Based Economy (97KB) / Patarapong Intarakumnerd, Pituma Panthawi

1. Introduction
2. Thailand's Competitiveness with Regard to S&T Development
3. National Innovation System of Thailand: Institutes and Linkages
4. S&T Action Plan (2002-2006)
5. Prospects and Policy Recommendations for S&T Development
6. ICT Development of Thailand
7. IT-2000: The First National IT Policy
8. The Effects of IT-2000
9. From IT-2000 to IT-2010
Chapter 4

ICT Manpower Development (157KB) / Somchai Suksiriserekul

1. Overview of the ICT Situation and Diffusion in Thailand
2. Estimate of the Demand for ICT Manpower
3. The Supply of ICT Manpower
4. An Analysis of the Mismatch Between the Demand for and the Supply of ICT Manpower
5. The Government Policies Toward the ICT Manpower Development
6. The International Competitiveness of Thailand's ICT in the Global Economy
7. Issues and Prospects
Chapter 5
1. The New Economics of Information and Government Efforts for ICT Development
2. Profile of Northern Thailand
3. The Information Technology Workforce and Education
4. Key Issues for Northern Thailand
5. Concluding Remarks
Chapter 6
1. The Economic Situation and the Labour Market
2. Structural Change and Industrial Development
3. Prospect of Industrial Cluster: A Case of Nakhorn Ratchasima
4. The Role of Higher Education for Manpower Development
5. The Possibility of Building Information Networks and the Linkages with Administration, Education and Private Sector
6. Concluding Remarks
Chapter 7
1. Introduction
2. Profile of Southern Thailand
3. Human Resource Development in Southern Thailand
4. The Prospect of an Industrial Cluster and the Development of the Southern Border
5. ICT Development Strategy in the South: A Case of Phuket
6. Concluding Remarks