Development of Constitutional Law and Human Rights in Taiwan Facing the New Century

Asian Law Series


by Jau-Yuan Hwang, Fort Fu-Te Liao, Wen-Chen Chang
March 2003
Table of Contents

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CHAPTER I Introduction
  1.1. Introduction
  1.2. Historical Background
  1.3. Overview of the Political and Constitutional Changes since the MID-1980's: an Analytic Framework

CHAPTER II Democratization of the Government Structure
  2.1. Introduction : Institutional Tests of Democratization
  2.2. Taiwan's Government Structure under the 1947 Constitution
  2.3. Major Democratization Issues and Proposals
  2.4. Six Constitutional Revisions from 1991 to 2000
  2.5. The Presidential Elections of 1996 AND 2000
  2.6. Conclusion

CHAPTER III Judicial Development in Taiwan
  3.1. The Architecture of Judicial System
  3.2. Interpretative Powers and Constitutional Review by the Council of Grand Justices
  3.3. Recent Judicial Reforms of other Jurisdictions
  3.4. Conclusion

CHAPTER IV Human Rights Developments in Taiwan: 1987-2002
  4.1. Introduction
  4.2. Developments of Rights and Freedoms
  4.3. New Government, New Human Rights Policies
  4.4. Conclusion