Dispute Resolution Process in Malaysia

Asian Law Series


by Sharifah Suhana Syed Ahmad, Mary George
March 2002
Table of Contents

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Part 1 Overview of the Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  I. Overview of the Court System Problems of the Court System Judicial Reform
  II. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Overview of ADR Usage of ADR Recent Developments

Part 2 Study on Dispute Resolution Process in Specific Cases
 III. Dispute Resolution Process in Consumer Protection
  A. Outline of consumers’ cases
  B. Organisations/Institutions for dispute resolution
   1. The Tribunal for Consumer Claims
   2. Types of Claims Before the Tribunal
   3. Statistical Data and Cases
   4. Choice of route for dispute resolution – contracts, sales methods, Product Liability
 IV. Dispute Resolution Process in Labour Disputes
  A. Background to Labour and Employment Cases in Malaysia
  B. Organisations/Institutions for dispute resolution
   1. The “Labour Court”
   2. The Industrial Court
   3. Industrial Injury (Workmens’ Compensation) – The Social Security Organisation
 V. Dispute Resolution Process in Environmental Problems
  A. Environmental Law Framework and System in Malaysia
   1. Uncertainty Over Definition of Environment
   2. Issues in Environment Litigation
  B. The Environmental Quality Act, 1974 (EQA) Grievance under the EQA
  C. Organisations/institutions for dispute resolution
   1. Director General and Other Officers
   2. The Environmental Quality Council
   3. Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA)
   4. Nature of Offences and Dispute Resolution Under the EQA
   5. Case Law


Summary of Report