Law and Development in Changing Indonesia

Asian Law Series


by Achmad Ali Professor of Law at Faculty of Law Hasanuddin University Makassar, Indonesia
March 2001

Preface / Institute of Developing Economies

Introductory Remarks / Achmad Ali

Chapter I:
I. Unification of law in Indonesia
 A. The background of the Indonesian legal system
 B. The Indonesia legal system
 C. Sources of law in the Indonesia legal system
 D. Unification of laws in Indonesia
II. Legal reform in Indonesia
 A. Law reform in the substance component
 B. Law reform in the structure component
 C. Law reform in the legal culture component
III. Decentralization of powers and the role of law in Indonesia
 A. The implementation of Law No. 22 /1999
 B. The indicators of future development
 C. Local organization and institution
 D. Community empowerment
Chapter II:
I. Socio-economic development aspect and the positive role of law; tasks/obstacles to be overcome
II. Political development and the positive role of law
III. Tasks/obstacles to be overcome
Chapter III:
I. How was "law and development" research framework discussed in Indonesian context?
II. Can law become the vital means to achieve development in Indonesia?
III. The "law and justice" in Indonesia
 A. Definitions of justice
 B. Types of justice and legal reform in Indonesia
Chapter IV:
Chapter V:
I. Harmonization with traditional (communal) values
II. Effects of the democratization and the decentralization movement
III. Direction of the future legal reform
IV. Legal development and the role of foreign assistance in the areas of law
V. Friction of the system provided by legal technical assistance with the existing legal system in Indonesia
VI. How effective is legal technical assistance by foreign countries and international financial organizations to bring about the economic and social development in Indonesia?
Chapter VI:

Conclusion / Achmad Ali

Reference / Achmad Ali