The Malaysian Legal System, Legal Practice & Legal Education

Asian Law Series


by Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad Associate Professor Faculty of Law University of Malaya , Roy Rajasingha
March 2001

Preface / Institute of Developing Economies

Chapter 1

The Judiciary / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Roy Rajasingha

1. Appointment and Qualification of Judges of the Superior Courts
2. Terms of office and remuneration of Judges of the Federal Court
3. Jurisdiction of Courts
4. Administration of Courts – Problems
5. Case-management as a method of resolving problem
6. Court Divisions and Number of Magistrates, Judicial Commissioners and Judges in Malaysia
7. The Attorney General's Chambers
8. Parallel Court Systems
9. Other Courts

Chapter 2

Judicial Review / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Roy Rajasingha

1. Procedure
2. Legal bases for review by High Court
3. The doctrine of Proportionality
4. Conclusion

Chapter 3

Afternative dispute Resoluton / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Roy Rajasingha

1. The Public Services Tribunals
2. Malaysian Mediation Centre
3. Mediation Rules
4. The Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration
5. Others

Chapter 4

Legal Education / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Roy Rajasingha

1. Philosophy of Legal Education
2. Courses and Structure of Legal Studies
3. Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP)
4. Post-graduate courses
5. External Degree Programme
6. Diploma in Public Law

Chapter 5

Practice at the Malasian Bar / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Roy Rajasingha

1. Practice as an Advocate and Solicitor
2. Certificate in Legal Practice Course
3. Discipline and Etiquette of Advocates and Solicitors
4. Legal Profession (Disciplinary Proceedings)(Investigating Tribunal and Disciplinary Committee) Rules 1994
5. Legal Profession (Professional Liability)(Insurance) Rules 1992
6. Obligation of an advocate and solicitor
7. Solicitors' Remuneration Order 1991
8. Legal Profession (Practice and Etiquette) Rules 1978
9. The Role of the Malaysian Bar
10. External Relations
11. Legal Aid Programme
12. Language Used In the Courts
13. Legal Practice In Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia)

Chapter 6

Civil Litigation / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Roy Rajasingha

1. Originating Process of Civil Litigation
2. Judgment-in-Default
3. Summary Judgment
4. Pleadings
5. Close of Pleadings
6. Setting Aside Judgment in Default of Defence
7. Striking Out Pleadings
8. Pre-Trial Case Management
9. Security For Costs

Chapter 7

Criminal Litigation / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad//Roy Rajasingha

1. Penal Code
2. Criminal Procedure Code
3. A Magistrates Court can hear criminal matters:-
4. Sessions Court Criminal Jurisdiction
5. High Court Criminal Jurisdiction
6. Appellate Court Criminal Jurisdiction
7. Federal Court Criminal Jurisdiction
8. Police Action
9. Summary Trials by Magistrates
10. Transfer of Cases
11. Procedure at a Trial
12. Prosecution
13. Conduct of Prosecution in Court
14. Search Power of the Police
15. Evidence Act
16. Sentencing

Chapter 8

Recent Development / Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, Roy Rajasingha

1. The National Commission on Human Rights (SUHAKAM)
2. Proposed Family Court