Judicial System and Reforms in Asian Countries: The Case of India

Asian Law Series


March 2001

Preface / Institute of Developing Economies

Chapter I

Judiciary and Judge / Indian Law Institute

1. Judicial System in India: An Overview
2. Classifications and Hierarchy of Courts, Jurisdiction
3. Judges: Qualification, Appointment and Position
4. Staff other than Judges in the Courtsand other Judicial Fora
5. Statistical Data
Chapter II

Prosecutor/Prosecuting Attorney / Indian Law Institute

1. Prosecuting Service in India: An Overview
2. Prosecuting Attorney / Prosecutor
3. Prosecuting Service / Department of Justice
4. Statistical Data
Chapter III

Advocate/Lawyer / Indian Law Institute

1. Legal Profession in India: An Overview
2. Bar Council
3. Bar Association
4. Advocate (Qualifications, Disqualifications and Classification)
5. Professional Ethics
6. Statistical Data
Chapter IV

Legal Education / Indian Law Institute

1. Legal Education in India: An Overview
2. Legal Education System in India
3. Bar Examination
4. Statistical Data
Chapter V

Procedure/Proceedings / Indian Law Institute

1. Civil Procedure
2. Criminal Procedure / Proceedings
3. Domestic Procedure
4. Judicial Review of Administrative & Legislative Acts
Chapter VI

Afternate Dispute Resolution / Indian Law Institute

1. ARbitration / Mediation / Reconciliation / Compromise / Settlement
2. Administrative Agency and Tribunals (Classification & Procedure):
3. Other Forums (e.g., Lok Adalats, Nyay Panchayats in India)
4. Statistical Data
Chapter VII
1. Public Interest Litigation in India: An Overview
2. Statistical Data
3. Recent Trends