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Origins and Evolution of Environmental Policies: State, Time and Regional Experiences

Edward Elgar

This unique book traces the origins and evolution of environmental policy formation, comparing the differences in this process between developing and developed countries. It focuses on the importance of the state’s role and issues of timing and sequence in the creation of environmental policies.
Expert contributors provide new insights into how the environment as a concept and environmental policies have evolved. They analyze how ‘latecomer public policy’ is related to the dilemma between industrial development and maintaining high environmental standards, especially in developing countries. Chapters also examine these processes in a variety of regions with rich records of environmental policies and trajectories of change. Taking a historical and path dependence approach, the book emphasizes the significance of the role of administrative systems, policy coordination, and timing in the success or failure of environmental policies.
This book will be a valuable resource for academics and students of environmental studies, public policy, public administration, and regional studies. Its synthesis of empirical data and case studies from countries including China, Taiwan, Thailand, the US, and Germany will also be beneficial for policymakers.


■ Origins and Evolution of Environmental Policies: State, Time and Regional Experiences
■ Edited by TERAO Tadayoshi and FUNATSU Tsuruyo
■ £80.00
■ 192pp
■ Published in 2021
■ ISBN978-1-80037-881-0


1. Introduction: origins and evolution of environmental policies – state, time, and regional experiences/ Tadayoshi Terao and Tsuruyo Funatsu

2. Resource and environmental policies during economic development: formation of latecomer public policy in late industrialization/ Tadayoshi Terao

3. Path dependence in environment and health policy development in China: a historical review on the early stage/ Kenji Otsuka

4. Formation of Taiwan’s air pollution control policy: the Air Pollution Control Act of 1975/ Tadayoshi Terao

5. The Map Ta Phut pollution dispute in Thailand: a turning point toward more comprehensive pollution control/ Tsuruyo Funatsu

6. Compulsion to maintain: water and state power in Southeast Asia/ Jin Sato

7. Path dependence and its disruption: how the US Environmental Protection Agency evolved/ Hiroki Oikawa

8. German packaging waste policy: its development and significance/ Susumu Kitagawa