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Development of an Applied General Equilibrium Model that Incorporates Intra-National Inter-Regional Trade(2022_2_40_013)


We plan to develop an applied general equilibrium (AGE) model that incorporates intra-national/inter-regional trade as an analytical tool with the aim of deepening the research on global value chains. Considering the present situation that inter-regional input?output tables are not well-maintained in many countries, we will start by establishing a methodology for sub-dividing intra-national/inter-regional trade in a national input?output data. Then, we will estimate the substitution elasticity between inflows from different regions, which is the most important component of AGE analysis. By prioritizing the establishment of methodologies for data compilation and model building over merely conducting research on developing economies, we will use information on Japan to perform various research tasks.


April 2022 - March 2024

Leader of the Research Project

Oyamada, Kazuhiko