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Constitutional Revisions and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa(2022_2_40_002)


In this research project, we examine revisions to constitutional law in Sub-Saharan African countries in order to evaluate their significance and their effects on politics. This project consists of country-based case studies and comparative studies of African counties. In the country-based case studies, the political, institutional, procedural, and philosophical meaning of revisions in the target country are reviewed in order to detect cases that have greater political significance. Of the selected cases, we investigate the effect they have on institutionalization of the state, the authoritarian or democratic quality of the political regime, the power struggles among political actors, and the several basic requirements of modern states, including order, stability, national integration, and state-building. In comparative studies, we investigate the major trends that have been observed on the continental level. Through these studies, we aim to shed light on the political function of constitutional revisions in Sub-Saharan African countries.


April 2022 - March 2024

Leader of the Research Project

Sato, Akira


Book published by IDE (Japanese)