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Preparing a textbook and teaching materials for contemporary politics in Latin America(2022_2_40_001)


Although the political response to the COVID-19 pandemic is typical, in recent years, Latin America has experienced a variety of political and social events unprecedented in the region, including “demobilization” during the heyday of neoliberalism, the rise of leftist governments, the collapse and erosion of supposedly “stable” democratic regimes, protests that have become so radicalized as to threaten “stable” party politics, a “new populism,” the unimaginable spread of corruption, the cozy relationship between politics and violence, unprecedented levels of social fragmentation, economic inequality, and a level of informality indicative of the current state of politics. To date, comprehensive studies of Latin American politics have been rare and they have generally been either historical overviews of the period since independence or discussions of country-specific political events. In particular, the various aspects of Latin American politics since the era of neoliberalism that began in the 1990s have been enthusiastically discussed in a number of articles, but there is no overview of these articles. Therefore, this group aims to write a textbook on Latin American politics in the 21st century, which will explain political events and why they occurred, using the concepts and theories of political science.


April 2022 - March 2024

Leader of the Research Project

Uetani, Naokatsu


Book published by IDE (Japanese)