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Re-examination of Strategic Hedging from the Case Studies of Smaller States(2022_1_40_003)


This project examines the applicability of strategic hedging to the foreign policy of the smaller states. Although strategic hedging has been widely researched for more than a decade, most such studies examined cases of major powers and second-tier states in the Asia-Pacific region from the viewpoint of the balance of power, which is defined by the relative power gap. This project examines the conceptual validity of strategic hedging by studying the foreign policy of four smaller states?Laos, Thailand, Cuba, and Turkey?directed at major powers. Conducting case studies based on the assumption that threat perception as well as physical power gaps provide the conditions for the policymakers to implement a hedging strategy, our study ultimately aims to investigate the possibility of a more applicable analytical concept to explain the foreign policy of smaller states.


April 2022 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Aoki, Maki


Basic theory building project report