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A Preliminary Research on Cambodia's 2022-2023 Elections and the Politics and Society Surrounding Them(2022_1_40_002)


The biggest opposition party in Cambodia, the Cambodia National Rescue Party was dismissed before the general election in 2018; the independent media and newspapers, which were critical of the government, were forced to shut down; and the Cambodia People’s Party (CPP) won all the seats in the election. Since then, Cambodia has turned into a hegemonic authoritarian state. Although the international community strongly condemned the situation, China remained silent on the internal affairs of Cambodia, a reflection of its strong political and economic relations. As a preliminary study of the 2022 local elections and the 2023 general election in Cambodia, this research project will review studies on Cambodian politics and society since the 2010s, when the CPP’s control system was strengthened. We will organize the viewpoints necessary to consider the politics and society in Cambodia after its shift toward hegemonic authoritarianism.


April 2022 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Hatsukano, Naomi


Basic theory building project report