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Industrialization of Rural Economies in Southeast Asia(2021_2_40_014)


In Southeast Asia, contract farming?in which agro-processing firms and suppliers of agricultural inputs (e.g., seeds and materials) offer improved inputs on credit and provide instruction on improved production methods?has been playing an increasingly important role in the modernization of rural economies. We hypothesize that to facilitate such development in this region, the efficiency of both agriculture and agro-processing industries (i.e., input?supply systems) must be enhanced simultaneously, which may be termed “industrialization of rural economies.” In this study, as a first step toward a fuller exploration of the reality of such industrialization, we propose to undertake case studies of successful development of maize production in Laos and the poultry industry in Thailand.


April 2021 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Aida, Takeshi


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