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Capacity building for digitalization of industries in developing countries: A case study of Thailand with a focus on HRD(2021_2_40_009)


The leading industrialized countries in Southeast Asia are promoting policies toward the automation and digitalization of industrial activities with the aim of improving productivity. The Thailand 4.0 policy and the Eastern Economic Corridor Development Policy are designed to promote investment in industries associated with automation and IT as well as the use of IT by companies for industrial sophistication. Our previous research on the digitalization of manufacturing industries in Thailand has confirmed that some Thai companies are making investments in automation and digitalization in response to these government policies. This study will investigate the actual situation of efforts toward organizational reform, human resource development, and other activities for absorptive-capacity building that are necessary for the effective utilization of automatic production and digital systems by conducting a firm survey and interviews with related organizations. Based on the findings of qualitative and quantitative studies, we will consider what policies are needed to promote industrial digitalization in Thailand and other developing countries.


April 2021 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Ueki, Yasushi


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