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Authoritarian Backlash and Neo-Liberalism: Six Years of the Duterte Administration(2021_2_40_005)


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is the sixth president since the country’s democratization in 1986, will finish his term by 2022. He has unique characteristics as a political leader. He has maintained a high approval rate of more than 80%, as he emphasizes "discipline" and "order" and utilizes people's disappointment with traditional politics. He also deepened authoritarian tendencies during his rule and shifted the Philippines' diplomatic stance from pro-America to pro-China. On the other hand, the administration maintained a liberal economic policy framework and seemed profoundly interested in social issues, similar to past administrations. However, the effectiveness and outcome of the policies seem to be somewhat limited. Against this backdrop, we will assess this administration's characteristics, which saw political and diplomatic backlash against the Philippines' post-democratization regime while continuing with its economic and social policies. We will also explain why such an administration has emerged. Amid that, we will discover the implications for a post-Duterte nation.


April 2021 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Kawanaka Takeshi


Published by IDE