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Deforestation and Infectious Diseases: A Case of Dengue Fever in Sri Lanka(2020_2_40_023)


Environmental problems in developing countries are often associated with higher health costs and are thus an important issue for both academia and policymakers. In addition, there are several "neglected tropical diseases" that are indigenous to developing countries. Among environmental problems, deforestation is expected to lead to a higher incidence of such infectious diseases, as deforestation affects ecosystems. This research project aims to explore the relationship between deforestation and the incidence of dengue fever, which is increasing rapidly in recent years in Sri Lanka, all by using satellite data and a rigorous econometric approach. In contrast to malaria, there is little rigorous statistical analysis on whether deforestation leads to a higher incidence of dengue fever. Thus, the current study is expected to contribute to the literature by providing new evidence on the relationship between deforestation and infectious disease.


April 2020 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Aida Takeshi


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