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Inequality and intergenerational mobility in Vietnam (2020_2_40_001)


Over the span of one generation of rapid economic growth in Vietnam, the Gini index of aggregate income inequality has remained quite stable. However, this disguises a wide variation in the distribution of gains across groups in society. The rapidly changing structure of output and employment is expanding opportunities in different ways for different groups. Among poorer households, those with the closest connections to dynamically growing urban and industrial labor markets are doing better. How uniformly will gains enjoyed by the current generation be transmitted to the next generation? What factors will explain variations in intergenerational mobility and what will those variations mean for overall inequality and long-term economic growth? In this study, we propose to examine intergenerational mobility through the channel of human capital investments, specifically education. Our inquiries will operate at national scale over the rural population as a whole and within the rural population in targeted case studies. Project output will consist of publishable research papers with in-depth coverage based on appropriate data and methods at each scale, but also benefiting from the insights of research at other scales.


April 2020 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Kojin Emi


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