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Disability and Development in Middle East(2019_2_40_017)


Heretofore, the research undertaken at the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE) on disability and development has covered Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Africa. Comparative studies shed light on the current situations of people with disabilities, on government policies for such people, and on organizations for the disabled in these regions. This new study will do the same research but for the Middle East. In 2018, we held a preliminary study group and read a few books and articles for preliminary research. We understand the recent, deeper interest and concerns regarding women with disabilities around the world, and the newer research will focus on them, as they have experienced more disadvantage than women without disabilities?although the latter were suffering from social inequality and were in poorer situations compared to men without disabilities in these regions.


April 2019 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Mori Soya


Published by IDE(Japanese)