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The Change of government in Malaysia: Its Background and Prospects(2019_2_40_003)


In May 2018, Malaysia experienced a change of government for the first time since its independence. The former ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional, lost the 14th general election, though they had been taking advantage of the electoral system skewed by gerrymandering and malapportionment. Malaysia can be seen as the newest case of "democratization by election." The purpose of this research project is to describe and analyze the political and socio-economic development that prompted the change of government in Malaysia. The nexus of the political and economic factors will be the focus of this research. The final product of this project will be written in Japanese and published as a book for general readers.


April 2019 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Nakamura Masashi


Published by External Publisher (Japanese)