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Impacts of Wars of Decolonization on South-South Relationship: Experiences of the Maghrib (2020_2_40_002)


Focusing on the Maghrib people’s historical experiences, this project analyzes the global implications of decolonization wars in the 20th century. Although decolonization wars were formally fought between a colonized people that claimed for their independence and a suzerain power, the political and cultural impacts of such wars, especially against the backdrop of the Cold War and the Third-World movement, often went beyond the bilateral relationship between the two parties so as to see reactions (of solidarity or of confrontation) from actors outside of other parts of Asia and Africa. Following the Second World War, anti-colonial resistance wars such as wars in Indochina (1946–1954, then 1955–1975) and the Algerian war of independence (1954–1962) opened up different occasions for inter-colonial contacts and involvements of individuals from Asia and Africa as soldiers, writers, and anti-imperial activists. Built upon recent studies on Asia and Africa’s internationalism as seen “from below,” the project studies the impacts of decolonization movements in the 20th century on the shaping of the south-south relationship.


April 2020 - March 2022

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Watanabe Shoko
[ Co-researcher ] Al Tuma Ali (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (~2019,9); Independent Scholar (2019,10~) Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2019.9))
[ Co-researcher ] Udo Satoshi (Kagoshima University,Department of Humanitiess, Faculty of Law, Economics and the HumanitiesAssociate Professor)
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