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Sustainability of Fresh Fruit Exports from Indochina to China (2018_2_40_027)


Exports of fresh fruit from countries in Indochina to China have been rising in recent years. Is this better understood as China’s exploitation of natural resources in neighboring countries, or can it be a driver of sustainable rural development especially in the landlocked regions of the Indochina countries? Drawing on perspectives from analyses on the international trade of fresh fruit and vegetables, we shed light on the supply chains of fresh fruit exports to China. We also clarify the supply chain structures that have underpinned the rapid growth of fresh fruit exports and examine the challenges for sustainable growth.


April 2018 - March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Pritchard William Noel (University of Sydney, Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Kubo Koji
[ Co-researcher ] Sakata Shozo
[ Co-researcher ] Takanashi Fumie (Hirosaki University, Associate Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Kamonpetch Aungkana (Chulalongkorn University, Researcher)
[ Co-researcher ] Jitpon Waranya (Chulalongkorn University, Researcher)
[ Co-researcher ] Tantrakoonsab Nattapon (Chiang Mai University, Lecturer)
[ Co-researcher ] Tantrakoonsab Wannarat (Chulalongkorn University)
[ Co-researcher ] Nolintha Vanthana (Ministry of Investment and Planning, Lao PDR, Deputy Permanent Secretary)
[ Co-researcher ] Yang Chun (Hong Kong Baptest University, Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Khammerng Bannalath (National Institute of Economic Research, Researcher)
[ Co-researcher ] Wah Wah Htun (Myanmar Fruit and Vegetable Producer and Exporter Association, Program Manager)
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