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Changes in the Economic Relations Between Japan and South Korea (2018_2_40_003)

In recent years, trade and investment between Japan and South Korea has stagnated or declined. It is thought that economic relations between the two countries have been changing from the conventional vertical division of labor to harsh competition. This suggests that Korea's industrial competitiveness has improved as a whole, including materials, parts and machinery, areas which have been considered to be weak points in the past. On the other hand, new moves toward a horizontal division of labor are beginning to appear. This study analyzes the recent changes in Japan-South Korea economic relations and the factors behind those changes, thereby clarifying South Korea's industrial competitiveness and its challenges, as well as exploring the possibility of new Japan-South Korea economic cooperation.

April 2018 - March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Abe Makoto
[ Co-researcher ] Momomoto Kazuhiro
[ Co-researcher ] Okuda Satoru (Professor, Asia University)
[ Co-researcher ] Yoshioka Hidemi (Professor, Faculty of Law, Kumamoto University)

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