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Multi-layered mutual recognition systems(2017_2_40_019)


For developing countries, the mutual recognition of professional qualifications is critically important for the export of services, as well as general economic and human development. In particular, it is widely considered that mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) have a huge potential to facilitate the flow of services. However, in reality, there are too many mechanisms intended to facilitate mutual recognition at various levels – country level, bilateral level, regional level, international level and global level (e.g. WTO). As a result, the multi-layered mutual recognition system as a whole has become significantly complicated. This study will identify the effectiveness of each mutual recognition mechanism and the relationship (consistency) among various mutual recognition measures by conducting in-depth interviews with government officials and professional associations.


April 2017 - March 2019

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Hamanaka Shintaro
[ Co-researcher ] Jusoh Sufian (Deputy Director, Institute of Malaysian and International Studies,
The National University of Malaysia)

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