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FY 2016/2017 Research Topic: C-30
Regulations, Reforms, and Informal Economy around the Foreign Exchange Market in Myanmar


This project aims to review the evolution of the foreign exchange market in Myanmar from macro- and micro-economic viewpoints, with particular attention to the links between the regulatory environment and informal economic activities in this market. We address what has and has not changed since the foreign exchange policy reforms in April 2012. In addition, we identify policies that could further the stabilization of the exchange rate.
This project consolidates as a monograph the author's 10 papers related to Myanmar's foreign exchange market. The output is expected to be the first self-contained monograph on the foreign exchange market in Myanmar.


April 2016 - March 2017

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] KUBO Koji
  • Book in English to be published by an outside publishing company