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FY 2016/2017 Research Topic: A-1-2
How Kurdish issues affect political stability in the Middle East (Dissolution of the Nation-state Model in the Middle East — Possibility of a New Regional Order (II) Group 2)


The Kurds are a huge ethnic minority in the Middle East. After the First World War, the Kurds could not have their own nation state while the surrounding countries formed “nation states” like country such as Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. The Kurds have always been an ethnic minority in each of these states. Now, Iraq and Syria are approaching collapse as nation states, and the role of the Kurds is becoming more and more critical in regional politics. We will compare the political and social situation of the Kurds in each country and supply basic information on the Kurds to both the Japanese government and ordinary people.


April 2016 - March 2017

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] SATO Hiroshi
[ Co-researchers ] IMAI Kohei
[ Co-researchers ] YOSHIOKA Akiko (The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan)
[ Co-researchers ] YAMAGUCHI Akihiko (University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo)
[ Co-researchers ] MORIYAMA Shiro (Doshisha University)
[ Co-researchers ] NUKII Mari (The Japan Institute of International Affairs)
[ Co-researchers ] KATSUMATA Ikuko (Journalist)
[ Co-researchers ] TAKAHASHI Kazuo (The Open University of Japan)
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