Asia beyond the Global Economic Crisis  The Transmission Mechanism of Financial Shocks

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Edward Elgar

The characteristic feature of the recent global economic crisis is the speed and extent of the shock transmission. The development of cross-national production networks in recent years has significantly deepened the economic interdependency between countries, and a shock that occurs in one region can be swiftly and extensively transmitted to the rest of the globe. The sudden contraction of world trade and output was a negative outcome of this intertwined global economic system. Based on the method known as international input–output analyses, this book provides a detailed examination of the mechanics of shock transmission by probing the labyrinth of complex supply networks among nations.


■ Asia beyond the Global Economic Crisis The Transmission Mechanism of Financial Shocks
■ Edited by Satoshi Inomata
■ £65.00
■ 212pp
■ Published in June 2011
■ ISBN978-1-84980-764-7


Satoshi Inomata

1. The Triangular Trade: The Shock Transmission Mechanism in the Asia-Pacific Region
Ikuo Kuroiwa, Hiroshi Kuwamori and Hajime Sato

2. Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Employment in the Asia-Pacific Region
Bo Meng and Satoshi Inomata

3. International Trade and Real Transmission Channels of Financial Shocks in Global Production Networks: An Asian–USA Perspective
Hubert Escaith and Fabien Gonguet

4. Vertical Specialization at the Time of Economic Crisis
Yoko Uchida and Satoshi Inomata

5. The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Factory Asia
Kazunobu Hayakawa

6. To What Extent Will the Shock Be Alleviated? The Evaluation of China’s Counter-crisis Fiscal Expansion
Nobuhiro Okamoto and Satoshi Inomata

7. An Input–Output Analysis of Post-crisis Rebalancing in the Asia-Pacific Economy
Peter A. Petri

8. Explanatory Notes
Satoshi Inomata