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Is car-steel’s fate in the hands of China’s fate?
an input-output based material flow analysis of car-steel in China

APL (Ajiken Power Lunch) is a lunchtime workshop open to public, including IDE staffs, visiting research fellows, IDEAS students, outside researchers and graduate students. This workshop provides a platform for presentation of any work in progress where we can discuss in either English or Japanese.

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July 23, 2015. (Thursday) 12:30-14:00


Is car-steel’s fate in the hands of China’s fate? an input-output based material flow analysis of car-steel in China


To understand the change of car-steel’s post-recycling fate of China in the last 30 years, this study quantitatively traces the fate of steel recovered from end-of-life (EoL) cars produced in different years by using the Matrace method (Nakamura et al., ES&T 2014) and Chinese input-output tables (IOTs) from 1987 to 2007. In a dynamic setting, we consider different technology and economic structure scenarios by using IOTs of different years. To classify the destination of car steel, all the secondary sectors are grouped into 5 categories: cars, buildings, civil engineering, machines, and others, which are of significant importance for ferrous materials. The results show that most of the car steels are first recycled into machines, and then into buildings. Meanwhile, once a unit of steel has been used in car production in 1987, the peak of the in-use stock of the steel recycled from these cars appears in 2000. It implies that the gap between production and reuse peak is 13 years. The corresponding gaps for the cars produced in the year of 1992, 1997, 2002, and 2007 are 11, 11, 15, and 15 years, respectively. We also witness an increase of the quantity of car-steel cycling. Particularly, the proportions of car steel reused into cars, machines and buildings increase over time with the growing demand for cars,machines and buildings in China.


Dr. Chen LIN (Associate professor, The Center for Economic Research, Shangdong University)



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