Geo-Economic Dataset for Asia

Why is GEDA necessary?

Most East Asian countries have relatively reliable and good quality economic data at the national level, but many have surprisingly poor economic data at the sub-national level. In East Asia, economic development will continue for several decades based on the dynamic relocation of population and industries within the region. The growing number of regional FTA/EPA, development of cross-country transport infrastructure, and globalization make country-level analysis insufficient: thus, we need to investigate sub-national regions or cities connected across national borders.

However, economic analysis at the sub-national level is scarce compared with that in the EU because of the lack of a suitable geo-economic dataset, which prevents governments from planning reasonable regional development policies. GEDA bridges this gap by providing data for science-based regional development policies and offering a time-series analysis of the changing locations of populations and industries at the regional level.

Although the coverage and accuracy of GEDA is not perfect at this moment, we have decided to open the database to the public. By doing so, we expect a higher and wider awareness of the usefulness of Asian geo-economic data for various stakeholders. We are happy to accept any suggestions and contributions to make GEDA more accurate and useful.

Geo-Economic Dataset For Asia