YAMADA Norihiko

YAMADA Norihiko

YAMADA Norihiko
[Belonging・Position] Current Affairs Studies Group, Area Studies Center ・Director
[Research Field] Laos Area Studies
[email] Norihiko_Yamada@ide.go.jp

Education / Research Experience

Professional Career:
Joined the IDE, 1999
Research Fellow Sent Abroad (Vientiane , Lao PDR), 2003-2006
Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center , 2006-2007
Southeast Asian Studies Group II, Area Studies Center , 2008
Other Information:
JICA Expert, Public Administration and Civil Service Authority,
Prime Minister’s Office, Lao PDR , 2007-2008

Major Works

  • Laos: Transformation to the Market Economy under a Single-Party Regime (Collaboration) , IDE Research Series No.545, 2005.
  • "National Integration during the Lao Civil War: Minority Policy of the Pathet Lao and Changes in the Concept of "Nation"", in State, Violence, and Politics: Conflicts in Asia and Africa, IDE Research Series No.534, 2003
  • "IT diffusion in Southeast Asia: the case of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand," in Giovanneti, Kagami and Tsuiji (eds.) The Internet Revolution: A Global Perspective, Cambridge University Press, 2003.

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