[Belonging・Position] East Asian Studies Group, Area Studies Center
[Research Field] Population aging, social security, health economics, Korean economy
[email] Yuichi_Watanabe E-mail

Previous research

I have conducted a wide range of research on the South Korean economy and society, including an analysis of trends in the South Korean economy in general, financial management after the Asian financial crisis, an examination of industrial policies, a comparison of Japan and South Korea in terms of youth employment and household/family formation, and an empirical analysis of the economic benefits of higher education in a society that emphasizes educational achievements. In recent years, among common issues and challenges facing Japan and South Korea, my research has focused mainly on changes in demographic structure caused by a declining birthrate and aging population as well as their impacts on the macroeconomy; income inequality and trends in redistribution policies; employment risk and poverty risk for the elderly; the growth potential of the “silver industry”; and issues with medical and health policies.

Current research projects

At present, I am researching the following topics: (1) issues involving the social security policy of the Moon Jae-in administration in South Korea and related financial burdens, (2) measurement of medical disparities in South Korea, factor decomposition, and implications for Japan, (3) examination of the effects of health insurance reform in South Korea on medical expenditures, doctor visits, and medical disparities, and (4) the relationships among specific medical examinations received, doctor visits, and medical expenditures.