[Belonging・Position] Economic Geography Studies Group, Development Studies Center
[Research Field] International Trade, Spatial Economics, Environmental Economics
[email] Yuta_Watabe E-mail
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Previous research

I developed a quantitative model of international trade, and I used the model to evaluate various policies. Specifically, I work on a model with multinational firms and analyze the effect of various commercial policies. Multinationals have various motives to produce abroad, and the different reasons cause a differential impact on policies. I developed a model including various multinationals and showed possible scenarios after the policy. I further extend the model to include carbon emissions to analyze the relationships between multinational production and global warming.

Current research projects

I am currently working on two main topics. First, I am researching how society is changing due to digitalization. Digitalization has made it possible to deliver goods and services that were initially difficult to transport. In this theme, we analyze how new business forms, such as digital distribution and home delivery services, have affected people’s behavior and improved economic welfare in recent years. Second, I am studying the relationship between global warming and the movement of people and goods. People move from place to place in response to global warming, and the structure of trade also changes as the industrial structure changes. I analyze these changes by constructing quantitative spatial models.

Membership of Academic Societies
The Japanese Economic Association, The Japan Society of International Economics