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[Research Field] Interregional and International Input-Output Analysis, Econometric Model
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Previous research

Before joining IDE-JETRO, I analyzed the impact of high-speed transportation development on regional economies by constructing an empirical model based on the interregional input–output table that illustrated the interdependence between regions and industries in Japan, leading to an exploration of the cause of regional disparity in Japan.

Since joining IDE-JETRO, I have been intrigued by crude oil, which has played a crucial role in all aspects of the economy. I have attempted to develop an econometric model that describes the interrelationship between the growth of the international economy and the international crude oil market in order to analyze the impact of fluctuations in crude oil prices on the global economy.

Current research projects

As the economy grows, so too does demand for fossil fuels such as crude oil, coal, and natural gas. Increased energy demand leads to a rise in the price of fossil fuels. In particular, because the impact of crude oil prices on the global economy is substantial, a surge in the price of crude oil can affect exchange rates and prices, contributing to economic stagnation.

Therefore, I am attempting to construct an econometric model that illustrates the interaction between the global crude oil market and the global economy. That means that crude oil prices, which are generally treated as exogenous variables in econometric models, are endogenized in my model.