SATO Chizuko

SATO Chizuko

SATO Chizuko
[Belonging・Position] Area Studies Center ・Senior Researcher
[Research Field] Politics and society of southern Africa, land reform, international migration
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Previous research

My research has focused on two main issues related to the politics and society of southern African countries. First is the question of the transformation of South African society following the end of the apartheid regime. In particular, I have focused on the agricultural and rural sectors and examined the driving forces of land reform policy, its implementation process, and the difficulties for black people in managing viable farms without governmental support. Second is the issues surrounding international migration, and I have so far investigated two topics. One is the acceleration of international migration of African health professionals, particularly nurses, in the 1990s and 2000s and how it has affected the health systems of their countries of origin. The other is the livelihood and coping strategies of African migrants and refugees in post-apartheid South Africa, where they have found themselves in a hostile environment from host communities.

Current research projects

My current research project examines the historical and contemporary dynamics of international migration in southern Africa, from the perspectives of both the main destination country, South Africa, and the countries of origin, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Since the late 19th century, intra-regional migration has been quite active in this region. Despite the fact that black migration was severely restricted under white minority rule, many migrants from southern African countries have worked in South Africa’s mines and farms. The volume of African migration into South Africa has increased since the end of apartheid, leading to increased xenophobia, which has become a serious social problem in South Africa today. Meanwhile, the significance and impact of migration to South Africa over the past 100 years on migrant households and societies in the countries of origin have not been fully explored. Thus, I am presently investigating these issues.